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Pink Syngonium gift wrapped Potted in premium quality potting mix WELL ESTABLISHED PLANT


Light, temperature & humidity preferences for Pink Syngonium

The whole Syngonium family are surprisingly tolerant of low light, but I recommend medium to bright indirect light for the pink varieties. Avoid direct light though, or you may burn those gorgeous leaves. Keep in mind also that brighter light helps leaves become more pink, but only to a point. Too bright and leaves can fade to green (or too dark and they can revert to green too).

Syngonium are not huge fans of draughts, or being in the path of your air con or heat pump. Other than that, these girls are pretty tolerant of a wide range of indoor temperatures. Ideally 15 to 26 degrees, but if you get the rest of her conditions right, she'll tolerate cooler and warmer. I'd aim to stay above 10 degrees though.

Pink Syngonium gift wrapped

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